4 Signs Your Child Has Vision Trouble

Vision impairment can impact your child’s performance in school, and that can have long-term effects on your child’s future. Children who have eye trouble often don’t realize that their vision is blurry. It’s up to their parents to realize that they need services from an eye doctor in Wilmington, NC.

As a parent, it’s important for you to recognize the signs of eye trouble and get your child to the eye doctor. Below are some common symptoms of vision problems.

1. Sits Close to the Whiteboard or Television

Children who have a hard time seeing the whiteboard or television may choose to sit very close, so they can follow what’s going on. If your child always chooses a seat at the front of the room, this could be due to poor vision.

2. Squints When Trying to See

Squinting can focus the light entering the eye, which in turn makes it slightly easier to see. Your child may also close one eye and look out of the other, if one of their eyes has better vision.

3. Has Trouble Reading or Has Low Stamina for Reading

If your child has a hard time seeing, they may also have a hard time reading. They may tire from reading quickly, or they may simply struggle to get through grade-appropriate reading material.

4. Has a Hard Time Paying Attention In School

Children who struggle to see often have a hard time paying attention to what’s happening in the classroom. After all, they likely have to think more and think harder about what’s going on than their classmates with clear vision.

If your child is showing the signs of having poor vision, make an appointment at Paul Vision Institute for an eye exam in Wilmington, NC. Call today.