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How We Diagnose and Treat Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration in Wilmington NC is a potentially serious eye disease that affects people as they age. Although macular degeneration typically doesn’t cause complete vision loss, you may lose some or all of your central vision. While there is no cure for this age-related eye condition, you can receive effective treatments for it. Wet Macular Degeneration […]

All About Choosing MiSight Contact Lenses for Children

At Paul Vision Institute in Wilmington, North Carolina, we provide comprehensive vision and eye care for all ages. For your child’s vision correction needs, consider using MiSight contact lenses. This is a revolutionary new form of vision correction that can be gentle and beneficial for children. See how MiSight can benefit your child and your family […]

The Symptoms and Causes of Dry Eye Disease

Are your eyes constantly bothering you? You might have dry eye disease. An eye doctor in Wilmington, N, will be able to make a diagnosis and then prescribe you something that will give you some relief. Here are some of the symptoms and causes of dry eye disease. The Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease Stinging or […]

Am I a Good Candidate for Sports Vision Therapy

One of the ways that your eye doctor in Wilmington, North Carolina can help you see better is with sports vision therapy. Yes, the name suggests this vision therapy is for athletes. But sports vision therapy will help anyone with good vision see more clearly and accurately and at a greater distance and depth. Improve […]

Early Warning Signs of Glaucoma

A diagnosis of glaucoma can be frightening. You may wonder what this means for your vision and what types of treatment are available. Your eye doctor in Wilmington, NC, is the professional who can answer these and other questions you may have regarding your recent diagnosis. But rest assured, there are treatments available to help preserve […]

3 Reasons to Schedule a Same-Day Eye Exam

If you don’t always spend a lot of time thinking about your eye health, you would certainly be a part of the majority. Despite the importance of your vision, it’s easy to take it for granted until something goes wrong. At Paul Vision Institute, we offer same-day exams because we want to give our patients […]

4 Signs Your Child Has Vision Trouble

Vision impairment can impact your child’s performance in school, and that can have long-term effects on your child’s future. Children who have eye trouble often don’t realize that their vision is blurry. It’s up to their parents to realize that they need services from an eye doctor in Wilmington, NC. As a parent, it’s important for […]

Can You Drive If You Have Low Vision?

Low vision is a condition that affects millions of people in the United States. If you live in North Carolina and are concerned about whether low vision impacts your ability to drive, here’s what you need to know. What’s low vision? Low vision is the loss of sight that can’t be completely corrected with visual […]