How to Help Your Child Avoid Losing their Glasses

Wearing glasses is an adjustment. When your child first gets theirglasses in Wilmington, NC, they may misplace their glasses frequently. As a parent, you can help your child establish routines and habits to prevent this problem. When your child first brings home their glasses from Paul Vision Institute, this is what you can do to prevent glasses from being lost.

Establish Good Habits Early

As your child is getting used to their new lenses, they may take their glasses off frequently. Leaving their glasses lying around is one habit that may eventually cause them to lose them. Remind your child to put their glasses on any time you see them without their glasses on their face.

Consider getting your child a strap that will hold their glasses on their face, or get them a chain that they can use to allow their glasses to dangle around their chest if they want the glasses to come off for a while. Having these tools helps your child remember to always keep their glasses with them. Once your child is used to wearing their glasses, it should become second nature to leave their glasses on their face.

Give Your Child a Case

Give your child a case where they can put their glasses when they’re not wearing them. Using a case to protect their glasses is good practice and makes them more visible, so they’re easier to find when laying around.

Establish a Place Where Glasses “Live”

If your child must take off their glasses, encourage your child to put them in a consistent location every time. This location may be on top of a dresser or on their nightstand.

Want more advice to help your child take care of their glasses? Talk to your child’seye doctor in Wilmington, NC. Call Paul Vision Institute today to speak to one of our eye doctors.