4 Qualities to Look For In An Eye Doctor

Your eye doctor is your partner in maintaining good eye health, so it’s important to choose an eye doctor in Wilmington, NC, that you can trust. Below are four qualities you should look for when you’re looking for an eye doctor in the Wilmington area.

1. Experience

As you’re calling around to different eye doctors, find out how many years of experience they have. Experience and skill often go hand in hand. The more experience an eye doctor has, the more chances they’ve had to develop their expertise in their field. Experienced eye doctors also have more experience managing a caseload of patients and tending to their needs.

2. Services

It’s best to see an eye doctor that offers a wide range of services. While you may have limited eye care needs right now, someday, you may need more services. Find an eye doctor that offers treatment for conditions like glaucoma and cataracts, and if possible, emergency eye care. You never know when you may want these services, and if you ever do, you’ll want to get them from an eye doctor you have a rapport with.

3. Accepts Your Insurance

If you have eye insurance, then of course, it’s important to find an eye doctor that accepts that insurance. Before making an appointment for an eye exam in Wilmington, NC, check to be sure that your type of eye insurance is accepted there.

4. Convenient Scheduling

Find an eye doctor that offers appointments when you’re available, and has a convenient scheduling process. It should be easy to see the eye doctor on a timeline that works for you.

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