Can You Prepare for an Eye Test at the DMV?

A DMV eye test in Wilmington, NC, can be a scary prospect for many, especially if they’re worried that they’ll fail. While vision is clearly important for being on the road, so is the independence and freedom that a valid driver’s license can bring. If you’re concerned about the outcome of the exam, we’ll look at what you should know and whether you can prepare.

Minimum Requirements in North Carolina

The exact requirements vary based on your medical history, but you will need to pass a vision screening test to renew or obtain a new license. To drive in North Carolina, you don’t need to have perfect vision in order to drive. Plus, you can rely on everything from standard glasses to BIOPTIC telescopes (a lens that can magnify objects up to 6 times) to meet these requirements.

How Long Does the Test Take?

The test is relatively short and very straightforward. Unlike at your local eye doctor, you won’t be asked to read extremely tiny rows of print in order to pass. The DMV employee will request that you read different characters and then clarify the sharpness of your eyesight based on your answers. The state will then designate what type of corrective eyewear you need (if any) on your driver’s license.

Prepare by Visiting an Ophthalmologist in Wilmington

An eye doctor in Wilmington, NC can tell you more about what you’ll need to prove to the DMV in order to either get or maintain your license. Thankfully, there are usually at least a few avenues to pursue — even if you have extreme visual limitations. The technology available today has made it possible for people with disabilities to stay on the road without endangering others. Contact the Paul Vision Institute if you have questions or concerns about an upcoming test.