Am I a Good Candidate for Sports Vision Therapy

One of the ways that your eye doctor in Wilmington, North Carolina can help you see better is with sports vision therapy. Yes, the name suggests this vision therapy is for athletes. But sports vision therapy will help anyone with good vision see more clearly and accurately and at a greater distance and depth. Improve your vision today with the help of sports vision therapy at Paul Vision Institute.

What is Sports Vision Therapy

Sports vision therapy is a specialized form of eye care that helps patients see more precisely. As the name suggests, sports vision therapy is ideally suited for people who play sports and need to improve their game. However, anyone can use vision therapy techniques to see better without using contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Please note that you need good vision to improve your vision with sports vision therapy. This type of therapy involves visual games and ball-playing strategies, such as identifying a golf ball flying in a field.

Should I Try Sports Vision Therapy

You could benefit from this therapy if you have good vision and want to see more clearly in the distance, such as for bird watching. The use of vision therapy is only going to strengthen your eyesight and help you identify objects from afar.

Of course, if you are an athlete, you will benefit even more from using the activities and ball games of sports vision therapy as a vision booster and to practice the game.

Begin Improving Your Vision With Therapy

Ready to start using treatments like sports vision therapy to see better and more clearly? Your new Wilmington, NC North Carolina eye doctor at Paul Vision Institute is ready to assist you with improving your vision. Contact our office at 910-256-6364 to schedule your appointment. We also specialize in LASIK co-management.