What to Do if You Have a Foreign Object in Your Eye

Having a foreign object lodged in the eye is an eye emergency in Wilmington, NC, that requires immediate treatment. While you might be tempted to head to the nearest emergency room if this happens to you, consider calling Paul Vision Institute so you can receive treatment from an experienced optometrist. You can also do a few things at home before you arrive at our clinic for your appointment.

Use Water to Try to Flush the Object from Your Eye

Before you touch your eye, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. You could introduce dirt or bacteria into your eye otherwise. Grab a small glass, fill it with lukewarm water, and slowly pour it into your eye. You will naturally blink, which could cause the object to fall out of your eye.

You could also try standing in the shower with the shower head spraying water directly into the affected eye. If you wear contact lenses, you will want to remove the one from the affected eye before attempting to dislodge the foreign object.

Things to Avoid

Do not rub your eyes since that could cause the object to go deeper into your eye and increase your discomfort. You also want to avoid removing an object that has become embedded in the eye or one that sticks out between the eyelids. We advise against removing the object for too long or taking aggressive measures since you could cause permanent damage to your eye.

We Are Here for You

If the object affects your vision or you are in significant pain, we consider this an eye emergency in Wilmington, NC. Please do not hesitate to contact us during regular business hours for this or any other urgent eye issue.


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