Are Your Vision Changes Symptoms of Normal Aging?  

You may notice changes in your vision as you get older, realizing it isn’t what it used to be. And this may raise some questions. Though it’s common for vision to deteriorate to a degree as we age, what’s considered normal? Are your recent changes to be expected? Or is something more serious at play? If you’re worried about vision problems due to aging, talk to your eye doctor in Wilmington, North Carolina, about your symptoms.

What Are Normal Vision Changes?

After the age of forty, many adults experience changes such as the ones listed below, and in most cases, they should be no cause for concern. It’s also good to note that if poor vision runs in your family, you are at more risk of declining vision as you age. Common vision complaints in those over the age of 40 include:

  • Trouble focusing on objects either near or far away
  • Trouble changing focus between near and far objects
  • Problems distinguishing between colors
  • Needing more light to perform certain tasks

Currently, around three-quarters of the world’s population have products to aid them visually, such as glasses or contacts, so you’re definitely not alone in your struggles.

What Are Abnormal Vision Changes?

Most of the time, we’re worried about changes in our vision when there’s no cause to be alarmed. But it’s still important to talk to your doctor about changes in your eyesight, because you could be dealing with an underlying medical condition. Signs of abnormal vision problems and symptoms related to health conditions include:

  • Seeing shapes and lights that aren’t present
  • Irritated or puffy eyes
  • Unusual discharge
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Any rapid changes in vision

What Causes Abnormal Vision Changes?

The symptoms listed above may all be cause for concern. Let your doctor know if you experience any of these potential signs of abnormal changes, because some chronic health conditions can affect your vision early on. Possible conditions include:

  • Diabetes
  • Shingles
  • Lyme Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Hypertension

The earlier your condition is diagnosed and treated, the more optimistic your outcome. If you’re worried about gradual or sudden vision changes in Wilmington, North Carolina, and are concerned something serious may be to blame, call Paul Vision Institute today to schedule an appointment, or visit our website for more information.