Can People With Dry Eye Syndrome Wear Contacts?  

If you are undergoing treatment for dry eye syndrome in Wilmington, NC, you may wonder if you will be able to wear contact lenses with this condition. The symptoms of dry eye syndrome include poor night vision, tender eyes, sandy sensation, excessive dryness and more. Millions of people with dry eye syndrome are able to wear contact lenses, but special consideration needs to be taken. Your eye doctor will be able to tell you more about your options, which include the following.

Sclera Lenses

Sclera lenses are a type of eye lens, but they aren’t called contact lenses. The reason for this is because they don’t rest directly on the cornea. Instead, the peripheral edges of sclera lenses rest on the perimeter of the cornea. This makes them an ideal option for those with dry eye syndrome, since they are less likely to cause excessive irritation.

Soft Lenses

Depending upon your individual circumstances and the health of your eyes, you may be able to wear a type of soft contact lenses. Certain soft contact lenses contain more moisture than others. Your eye doctor in Wilmington, NC may be able to prescribe you with a high-moisture content lens that let you get by with wearing contact lenses. If one brand doesn’t work, don’t give up; there may be a different brand that works better.

Daily Lenses

Contact lenses that are made to be worn for just a day are another possible option if you have dry eyes in Wilmington. These lenses ensure that your eyes are only ever exposed to “fresh” contact lenses that have not begun to deteriorate.

Prescription Eyeglasses Are a Must

Even if you are able to wear contact lenses, you’ll need to have one or more pairs of prescription eyeglasses on hand. This will enable you to remove your contact lenses and still be sure you’ll be able to enjoy good vision. No matter how great your contact lenses are, those with dry eye syndrome won’t be able to wear them for hours on end. Short periods of wear will likely work better for your condition.

For more information about wearing contact lenses with dry eyes, talk to your Wilmington, NC eye doctor. Contact us today to book your appointment.