Paul Vision Institute Offers LASIK Co-Management in Wilmington, NC  

The decision to get LASIK surgery for vision correction is a big one, but you feel ready to move ahead with it after years of wearing glasses. Although Paul Vision Institute doesn’t do LASIK surgery, we are happy to provide LASIK co-management in Wilmington, NC to support you both before and after surgery.

A Brief Review of the LASIK Procedure

LASIK, which is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis, is an outpatient vision correction procedure. The surgeon uses a laser to change the shape of each eye’s cornea. LASIK can be an ideal solution for common vision issues such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. The purpose of reshaping the cornea is to improve the focusing power of each cornea.

How LASIK Co-Management in Wilmington, NC Supports You

Once you have a date set for LASIK surgery, schedule an appointment with Paul Vision Institute for a complete eye exam to ensure you can undergo the laser procedure safely. One of our optometrists will provide the LASIK surgeon with details about your prescription and eye health so both of you are fully prepared for the procedure.

The pre-surgical appointment is also an opportunity to hear a detailed explanation about the process and ask any questions that you may still have. You will also receive complete instructions regarding what you need to do before the day of your surgical appointment. For example, you will need to stop wearing contact lenses, discontinue certain medications, and stop smoking and drinking alcohol until after your surgery.

We Continue to Monitor You After LASIK Surgery

Although most people develop no complications after laser surgery on the cornea of their eyes, it’s still important to come in for regular monitoring. You should schedule an appointment with Paul Vision Institute four days after your LASIK procedure. We also see you at intervals of one, three, six, and 12 months after surgery.

Our optometrists work in close collaboration with your LASIK surgeon to ensure that your eyes heal properly and that you achieve the level of vision correction you desire. If you are considering LASIK surgery, your first step is to visit our optometry practice in Wilmington to learn more about the procedure and undergo a screening exam.