Does Diabetes Cause Glaucoma?

If you are getting treatment for glaucoma in Wilmington, NC, you may be wondering what caused you to get this condition. Glaucoma is a serious condition that can lead to blindness, so it’s vital that you get treatment as soon as possible. But still, questions may linger as to the cause. Diabetes is one possible reason. Here is more information about the connection between diabetes and glaucoma.

Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition where the pressure in your eye increases. This leads to damage of the optic nerve. In turn, your vision will be impaired eventually. Loss of vision usually begins around the periphery of your field of vision. Left untreated, your field of vision becomes less and less until you may be left blind.

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is a progressive disease that damages the blood vessels in your body, among other things. The blood vessels in your eyes are responsible for helping to keep your eyes healthy. But with diabetic retinopathy, which is when eye vessels are damaged, the blood vessels in the retina weaken. They can lead to a blockage in the eye’s natural drainage process, which in turn can lead to that build-up of pressure that is associated with glaucoma.

The Connection Between Glaucoma and Diabetes

As you can see, there is a very strong connection between diabetes and glaucoma. If you have diabetes, it’s essential that you seek medical attention to get it under control. However, this in no way diminishes the need to see your eye doctor in Wilmington, NC. In fact, glaucoma can develop for other reasons besides diabetes. And, the sooner you get treatment for glaucoma in Wilmington, NC, the more sight you may save.

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