Did You Know We Offer Same Day Eye Exams?

Vision issues can crop up suddenly, leaving you to wonder what is wrong and how long you must wait for an appointment. You could experience anything from a change in your eyeglass prescription to needing treatment for glaucoma. Paul Vision Institute is pleased to let you know that we offer same-day eye exams in Wilmington, NC, for any patient who feels they should come in right away.

What to Expect at Your Same Day Eye Exam

The first thing to expect is that Dr. Edward Paul or one of our other four optometrists will look directly into your eyes to determine if they spot any type of problem. If so, they will use X-ray and other diagnostic equipment to clarify what the eye issue is and why you are experiencing it.

You may need your eyes dilated to allow our optometrists a better view of the back of your eyes and how well this area functions. We will let you know if you need dilation drops at the start of the appointment, and you will complete some other tests before this happens.

The letterboard test is one of the simplest yet most accurate ways to check vision. Your optometrist sets a large piece of cardboard several feet away from you containing letters of various sizes. Some will be darker than others to gauge how clear they are to you. Based on the results of this test, your optometrist may write you a new prescription.

The severity of your issue determines whether you will complete any other tests duringsame-day eye exams in Wilmington, NC. If a foreign object is caught in your eye, we urge you to go to the nearest emergency room.

macular degeneration wilmington nc

How We Diagnose and Treat Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration in Wilmington NC is a potentially serious eye disease that affects people as they age. Although macular degeneration typically doesn’t cause complete vision loss, you may lose some or all of your central vision. While there is no cure for this age-related eye condition, you can receive effective treatments for it.

Wet Macular Degeneration

With this type, the blood vessels in your macula and retina leak fluid and blood, and your eyes take on a bulging appearance. Wet macular degeneration affects only 10 percent of people diagnosed with the disease. However, this type is the more severe of the two because it can cause complete loss of central vision when left untreated. We urge you to schedule an exam at Paul Vision Institute right away if you notice dark spots in the center of your visual field.

Dry Macular Degeneration

The dry type of macular degeneration causes a buildup of yellow protein deposits in your macula called drusen. The drusen causes your eyes to feel very dry while thinning your macula at the same time. Loss of central vision occurs slowly over time. Some people with the dry type of macular degeneration develop the wet type after several years.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Macular Degeneration

We start the eye exam by dilating your eyes to check for signs of the disease. Your optometrist may also use one or more advanced tests to confirm or rule out the diagnosis. Once we know which type you have, the next step is to start using prescription medication. Nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes are also useful, as is photocoagulation if you have leaking blood vessels. We may also recommend specific low vision tools to increase your quality of life.

Your vision is too important to ignore. Please contact us to screen for macular degeneration in Wilmington NC if you have any concerns.

3 Reasons to Schedule a Same-Day Eye Exam

If you don’t always spend a lot of time thinking about your eye health, you would certainly be a part of the majority. Despite the importance of your vision, it’s easy to take it for granted until something goes wrong. At Paul Vision Institute, we offer same-day exams because we want to give our patients every advantage to keep their eyes as strong and resilient as possible. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to add some urgency to your eye exam in Wilmington, NC.

1. It’s On Your Mind

You can certainly choose to schedule your eye exam for a few weeks out, but what are the odds that you’ll be able to keep that appointment? Eye exams don’t get pushed to the bottom of the list because they’re not important, but because there are so many other things that can take immediate practice. Might as well get it out of the way while you’re thinking about it.

2. You’ll Feel Better

Putting this task off — even if you feel generally good about the state of your vision — isn’t going to make you feel any better about it. Once you’ve crossed this one off of your list, you can breathe a little easier. Why not cross it off now, so you can get to the next task on your list.

3. It’s Simple to Find an Eye Doctor in Wilmington

At Paul Vision Institute, you’ll meet optometrists in Wilmington, NC who understand the value of your schedule. This can be more important than you realize, particularly if you’re loathe to go to the doctor. If you’re constantly working with people who don’t realize that you have other priorities in your life, you’re that much more likely to keep putting off an exam you know you need to schedule. If you don’t want to make any more excuses, contact us today to get it done.

3 Ways a Low Vision Optometrist Can Help with Sight Limitations

Low vision means you have a type of impaired vision that cannot be corrected with the typical actions like wearing corrective lenses or getting eye surgery. If you have been diagnosed with low vision, it is important to work with a low vision optometrist in Wilmington, NC. These professionals can work with you to ensure you continue to get the most use of the visual abilities you have. Take a look at some of what you can expect below.

Get the most accurate diagnosis

A functional vision exam is a comprehensive eye exam that assesses how your eyes and all the parts of them are functioning. Oftentimes, patients do not fully understand what is behind their low vision issues because they have not received an accurate diagnosis. The functional vision exam will ensure all parts of the eye are thoroughly assessed, which makes it easier to address the issues you are experiencing.

Find out about adaptive optical solutions

Adaptive optical solutions are an ever-growing area of optometry. Adaptive optics is a type of technology that may improve visual performance by interacting with systems within the eye. For example, a specially made screen may be used with your computer to change how light wavelengths are delivered, which makes the screen easier for you to see. During your visit to see a low-vision optometrist, the doctor will likely discuss adaptive optics that could help your situation.

Gain access to visual rehabilitation

In some cases, visual rehabilitation can improve low vision issues. Even though not every patient or every eye condition can be improved, certain ones can. A low-vision optometrist will look at the latest treatment methodologies and advise you on any possible treatments. They will look at low vision rehabilitation that could help you learn how to use your eyes to see better, for example.

Find Out More About Low Vision Care in Wilmington, NC

Even though having low vision issues can be life-changing there are ways a Wilmington, NC eye doctor can help. If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss low vision, reach out to us at Paul Vision Institute to schedule an appointment.

Can Eating Healthier Prevent Glaucoma?

Your eye doctor in Wilmington, NC sees many patients diagnosed with glaucoma who wonder if they could have done anything to prevent it. Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can—and often does—lead to partial or complete blindness. It stands to reason that if you could do something to avoid the diagnosis, you would do it, right? Many people feel that getting adequate nutrients, in other words, eating healthier, could prevent glaucoma. But is this fact or wishful thinking?

What Causes Glaucoma?

To answer this question, you need to know what causes glaucoma in the first place. In that way, you can kind of step backward and find out if more nutrients might actually make a difference.

Glaucoma can be caused by one or more reasons, either acting individually or in tandem with one another. Factors and conditions that can lead to glaucoma include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Extreme Myopia or Farsightedness
  • History of serious eye injury
  • Use of certain medications
  • And more…

Note that while the above-mentioned things are risk factors for glaucoma, the actual physical manifestation of glaucoma is very specific. Your eye doctor can diagnose glaucoma in Wilmington, NC by identifying these manifestations.

The Connection Between Nutrition and Glaucoma

Although there is no known direct correlation between nutrition and glaucoma, if you consider the risk factors of glaucoma, you will see that some of them are related to poor health. Specifically, untreated diabetes, high blood pressure and being overweight are all under a person’s control, give or take, depending upon circumstances. A healthy diet can help to bring a person back to the end of the spectrum defined as good health; sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, and weighing within the range of what’s considered healthy in ratio of their height.

Basically, eating healthily can lower the number of risk factors that a person is exposed to. Someone who eats whole, nutrient-dense foods is simply less likely to have those risk factors that can sometimes be controlled.

The bottom line is that eating healthy can’t directly prevent glaucoma, because there are risk factors that don’t correspond to good nutrition However, since eating healthy can reduce the risk factors that you personally have, it’s worth it to commit to a wholesome diet that can partially help.

What Happens After Your Cataract Diagnosis?

It can be shocking to learn you have cataracts. But the first thing to keep in mind is that they’re pretty easy to treat. Your eye doctor in Wilmington, NC, has different options for treating cataracts that will help improve or restore your vision. But it’s interesting to know exactly what cataracts are, what causes them, and how they’re diagnosed.

Cataracts Are Cloud-Like Films

Cataracts are cloudy films that form over the lenses of your eyes. Each eye has a lens that’s positioned behind the iris, and its purpose is to focus light on the retina so you can see images clearly. When something happens to inhibit the way your lens focuses this light, it becomes difficult to see. In the event of cataracts, a milky-white film forms over the surface, which can worsen over time if left untreated.

Cataracts Are Usually Caused by Injury or Normal Aging

If you’ve suffered an eye injury at some point in your life, or if you’ve had eye surgery, you may be more prone to developing cataracts. Or, sometimes, people simply develop cataracts as they age. Some diseases, such as diabetes, may also put you more at risk. You may first notice the signs of cataracts if you need more and more light to see clearly at night. Cataracts may also cause you to see ‘halos’ or ‘auras’ around bright lights. Also, if things appear smoky or hazy throughout the day, it could be a cataract that’s to blame.

Treatment for Cataracts Involves Simple Surgery

In most instances, your eye doctor can resolve cataracts through simple eye surgery that removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with a clear, artificial one. Cataract surgery is extremely common, and recovery times are short. Generally, it’s considered a very safe treatment. Usually, the procedure can be done in-office on an outpatient basis, and you can return home the same day. You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment, however.

If you’ve recently been informed that you have cataracts in Wilmington, NC, schedule an appointment with Paul Vision Institute today. We’re happy to sit down with you to discuss your options for treatment.

How Often Should I See the Eye Doctor?

Knowing how often you should see the eye doctor in Wilmington, NC is important! Most people don’t see the eye doctor that often unless they have glasses. Did you know that you should have eye appointments regularly even if you don’t have an eye condition? It’s true! To protect your vision and catch eye problems in their early stages, you should see the eye doctor once annually. Here’s what you need to know.

See Your Eye Doctor Once Per Year

Try to see the eye doctor at least once annually at the same time every year. Pick a time of year that tends to be less busy for you. This might be in early winter or in the beginning of the fall. Do you have kids who also need to see the eye doctor? If so, then make your appointments all for the same day to make it easier to fit in one trip.

Make An Appointment If You’re Noticing Symptoms

Are you noticing symptoms of a problem? If so, make an eye appointment as soon as you can. At Paul Vision Institute, we give same day eye exams in Wilmington NC. Our same day eye exams are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

What symptoms are we talking about?

  • Blurry vision (near or far)
  • Blurriness or a blind spot in the middle of your field of vision
  • Clouded or hazy vision
  • Fading colors
  • Bright, zig sagging lines in your field of vision

Why Should You See the Eye Doctor?

It’s important to see the eye doctor regularly – even if you don’t have symptoms of a vision problem and don’t wear glasses. Not all eye conditions have noticeable symptoms in their early stages.

Glaucoma, for example, has no symptoms until vision is permanently damaged. Seeing the eye doctor yearly can catch glaucoma in its early stages, so its progress can be slowed. If you wait until your vision is damaged, there won’t be anything your eye doctor can do to recover the vision that’s already lost.

So, are you ready for an eye appointment? Call us today to find out more about our same day eye exams!

Do You Need a Same Day Eye Exam? 3 Signs

Same day eye exams in Wilmington NC are more than just convenient! If you’re suffering from poor vision or poor eye health, same day eye exams can help you identify vision-health problems and get the care you need. Knowing the signs that you need an eye exam can help you seek care from your eye doctor. At Paul Vision Institute, we’re happy to offer same day eye exams for patients who need them.

1. You Haven’t Been to the Eye Doctor In a Long Time

How long has it been since you went to the eye doctor? More than one year? Then that means you need to go back! Making a same-day eye appointment makes seeing the eye doctor convenient and easy. Same day eye appointments help you take care of your eyes and get the eye care you need.

You should be seeing the eye doctor once per year, even if you’ve never needed prescription glasses before. Eyes change over time. If your eyes didn’t need glasses in the past, that doesn’t mean they won’t need glasses in the future.

2. You Have Symptoms of Eye Trouble

If you’re having symptoms of eye trouble, like blurry vision, frequent headaches or loss of vision, then it’s time to see the eye doctor as soon as possible. Same day eye exams help you see the eye doctor and address these problems quickly. Some symptoms of eye trouble can be a sign of a serious disease, so it’s important to get help as quickly as possible.

3. Your Prescription Glasses Aren’t Up to the Task

Are your prescription eye glasses failing to do their job? Do you still experience blurry vision even when wearing your prescription glasses? It sounds like you need an updated prescription! Your eye doctor will identify the cause of your blurry vision and make recommendations for new prescription glasses.

It’s important to have a good prescription for your own safety and the safety of others. Do you drive a car or perform detailed work for your job? Get this problem taken care of now!

It’s time to see the eye doctor in Wilmington NC. Our same day eye exams are convenient! Call today to learn more.

Have You Been Putting Off Your Eye Exam? 3 Reasons to Get a Same-Day Exam

As your eye doctor in Wilmington, NC, Paul Vision Eye Institute offers same day eye exams. This is a helpful service that can help you get the attention from the eye doctor you need, keep your prescription up to date, and identify eye conditions in their early stages. You don’t have to plan ahead to keep up with your eye health! Here’s why we recommend our same day eye exams to our patients.

1. Your Eye Doctor Will Detect Changes in Prescription

Your prescription can change over time. Some vision problems correct themselves over time, other vision problems get worse. Once your prescription changes, it’s important to get updated glasses to match your prescription. If you no longer need glasses because your prescription has improved, it’s important to find that out as well.

Stopping in for a same day eye exam can help ensure that you can see properly while driving, doing work, reading, going to school and more.

2. The Eye Doctor Will Check for Glaucoma

There are more reasons to see the eye doctor than just to find out if you need an updated prescription. Glaucoma is a condition that often has no noticeable symptoms in the early stages. The only way to find out if you have glaucoma while it’s in the early stages is to see the eye doctor.

Same-day eye exams in Wilmington NC can check for glaucoma, so you’ll know if this is a condition that affects you. If your eye doctor detects glaucoma, they can start treatments that will help slow down the progression of the condition, to keep your eyes as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

3. Proper Vision Is Safe

One more reason to see the eye doctor? Because good vision is a matter of safety. If your eyesight is blurry, unfocused or compromised in some way, you might not be able to drive safely, or engage in everyday activities like navigating city streets. Seeing the eye doctor can help you stay safe!

To make an appointment with your eye doctor, call Paul Vision Institute to learn more about our same day eye exams today.

Why We Offer Same-Day Eye Exams (Even for Routine Checkups)

We all know why same-day eye exams are sometimes necessary. After all, trauma and emergency conditions can pop up at any time — day or night. Yet not everyone realizes that last-minute eye exams can be done for more than just emergencies. We’ll look at why our staff will do everything they can to squeeze you in no matter when you call.

Working with Your Schedule

For some people, scheduling their doctor’s appointments is routine work. They know exactly when they can fit in a visit and they make the arrangements accordingly. If they need to request time off from work, it isn’t a problem with their boss.

However, not everyone has the same work- or home-life demands, and any eye doctor that assumes they do is doing them a disservice. If your days are hectic enough as it is, you need someone who understands how to work with you.

That’s why same-day eye exams in Wilmington, NC can be such a valuable service to those who want to take care of their eye health when they can find a little spare time. At the Paul Vision Institute, we’re here to help however we can by being as flexible as we can.

Why You Should Have a Same-Day Eye Exam

Eye exams are there to catch problems before they turn into life-changing conditions. It’s always going to be easiest to treat a disorder in the beginning stages. The work you do now can save anything from your vision to your very life. We know that it’s not always easy to find the time for an eye exam in Wilmington, NC, but the truth is that it’s not a luxury. This is a necessary service that can help you protect one of your most valuable organs.

Finding an Optometrist in Wilmington, NC

The right optometrist in Wilmington, NC will tell you more about how your eye health is progressing and what you can do to take care of yourself. If you find yourself putting off exams because of your busy schedule, there are options out there. The staff at Paul Vision Institute may not be able to respond to every request, but we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.