Have You Been Putting Off Your Eye Exam? 3 Reasons to Get a Same-Day Exam

As your eye doctor in Wilmington, NC, Paul Vision Eye Institute offers same day eye exams. This is a helpful service that can help you get the attention from the eye doctor you need, keep your prescription up to date, and identify eye conditions in their early stages. You don’t have to plan ahead to keep up with your eye health! Here’s why we recommend our same day eye exams to our patients.

1. Your Eye Doctor Will Detect Changes in Prescription

Your prescription can change over time. Some vision problems correct themselves over time, other vision problems get worse. Once your prescription changes, it’s important to get updated glasses to match your prescription. If you no longer need glasses because your prescription has improved, it’s important to find that out as well.

Stopping in for a same day eye exam can help ensure that you can see properly while driving, doing work, reading, going to school and more.

2. The Eye Doctor Will Check for Glaucoma

There are more reasons to see the eye doctor than just to find out if you need an updated prescription. Glaucoma is a condition that often has no noticeable symptoms in the early stages. The only way to find out if you have glaucoma while it’s in the early stages is to see the eye doctor.

Same-day eye exams in Wilmington NC can check for glaucoma, so you’ll know if this is a condition that affects you. If your eye doctor detects glaucoma, they can start treatments that will help slow down the progression of the condition, to keep your eyes as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

3. Proper Vision Is Safe

One more reason to see the eye doctor? Because good vision is a matter of safety. If your eyesight is blurry, unfocused or compromised in some way, you might not be able to drive safely, or engage in everyday activities like navigating city streets. Seeing the eye doctor can help you stay safe!

To make an appointment with your eye doctor, call Paul Vision Institute to learn more about our same day eye exams today.