How Often Should I See the Eye Doctor?

Knowing how often you should see the eye doctor in Wilmington, NC is important! Most people don’t see the eye doctor that often unless they have glasses. Did you know that you should have eye appointments regularly even if you don’t have an eye condition? It’s true! To protect your vision and catch eye problems in their early stages, you should see the eye doctor once annually. Here’s what you need to know.

See Your Eye Doctor Once Per Year

Try to see the eye doctor at least once annually at the same time every year. Pick a time of year that tends to be less busy for you. This might be in early winter or in the beginning of the fall. Do you have kids who also need to see the eye doctor? If so, then make your appointments all for the same day to make it easier to fit in one trip.

Make An Appointment If You’re Noticing Symptoms

Are you noticing symptoms of a problem? If so, make an eye appointment as soon as you can. At Paul Vision Institute, we give same day eye exams in Wilmington NC. Our same day eye exams are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

What symptoms are we talking about?

  • Blurry vision (near or far)
  • Blurriness or a blind spot in the middle of your field of vision
  • Clouded or hazy vision
  • Fading colors
  • Bright, zig sagging lines in your field of vision

Why Should You See the Eye Doctor?

It’s important to see the eye doctor regularly – even if you don’t have symptoms of a vision problem and don’t wear glasses. Not all eye conditions have noticeable symptoms in their early stages.

Glaucoma, for example, has no symptoms until vision is permanently damaged. Seeing the eye doctor yearly can catch glaucoma in its early stages, so its progress can be slowed. If you wait until your vision is damaged, there won’t be anything your eye doctor can do to recover the vision that’s already lost.

So, are you ready for an eye appointment? Call us today to find out more about our same day eye exams!