What to Do if You Have a Foreign Object in Your Eye

Having a foreign object lodged in the eye is an eye emergency in Wilmington, NC, that requires immediate treatment. While you might be tempted to head to the nearest emergency room if this happens to you, consider calling Paul Vision Institute so you can receive treatment from an experienced optometrist. You can also do a few things at home before you arrive at our clinic for your appointment.

Use Water to Try to Flush the Object from Your Eye

Before you touch your eye, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. You could introduce dirt or bacteria into your eye otherwise. Grab a small glass, fill it with lukewarm water, and slowly pour it into your eye. You will naturally blink, which could cause the object to fall out of your eye.

You could also try standing in the shower with the shower head spraying water directly into the affected eye. If you wear contact lenses, you will want to remove the one from the affected eye before attempting to dislodge the foreign object.

Things to Avoid

Do not rub your eyes since that could cause the object to go deeper into your eye and increase your discomfort. You also want to avoid removing an object that has become embedded in the eye or one that sticks out between the eyelids. We advise against removing the object for too long or taking aggressive measures since you could cause permanent damage to your eye.

We Are Here for You

If the object affects your vision or you are in significant pain, we consider this an eye emergency in Wilmington, NC. Please do not hesitate to contact us during regular business hours for this or any other urgent eye issue.


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Do You Need a Same Day Eye Exam? 3 Signs

Same day eye exams in Wilmington NC are more than just convenient! If you’re suffering from poor vision or poor eye health, same day eye exams can help you identify vision-health problems and get the care you need. Knowing the signs that you need an eye exam can help you seek care from your eye doctor. At Paul Vision Institute, we’re happy to offer same day eye exams for patients who need them.

1. You Haven’t Been to the Eye Doctor In a Long Time

How long has it been since you went to the eye doctor? More than one year? Then that means you need to go back! Making a same-day eye appointment makes seeing the eye doctor convenient and easy. Same day eye appointments help you take care of your eyes and get the eye care you need.

You should be seeing the eye doctor once per year, even if you’ve never needed prescription glasses before. Eyes change over time. If your eyes didn’t need glasses in the past, that doesn’t mean they won’t need glasses in the future.

2. You Have Symptoms of Eye Trouble

If you’re having symptoms of eye trouble, like blurry vision, frequent headaches or loss of vision, then it’s time to see the eye doctor as soon as possible. Same day eye exams help you see the eye doctor and address these problems quickly. Some symptoms of eye trouble can be a sign of a serious disease, so it’s important to get help as quickly as possible.

3. Your Prescription Glasses Aren’t Up to the Task

Are your prescription eye glasses failing to do their job? Do you still experience blurry vision even when wearing your prescription glasses? It sounds like you need an updated prescription! Your eye doctor will identify the cause of your blurry vision and make recommendations for new prescription glasses.

It’s important to have a good prescription for your own safety and the safety of others. Do you drive a car or perform detailed work for your job? Get this problem taken care of now!

It’s time to see the eye doctor in Wilmington NC. Our same day eye exams are convenient! Call today to learn more.

Why We Offer Same-Day Eye Exams (Even for Routine Checkups)

We all know why same-day eye exams are sometimes necessary. After all, trauma and emergency conditions can pop up at any time — day or night. Yet not everyone realizes that last-minute eye exams can be done for more than just emergencies. We’ll look at why our staff will do everything they can to squeeze you in no matter when you call.

Working with Your Schedule

For some people, scheduling their doctor’s appointments is routine work. They know exactly when they can fit in a visit and they make the arrangements accordingly. If they need to request time off from work, it isn’t a problem with their boss.

However, not everyone has the same work- or home-life demands, and any eye doctor that assumes they do is doing them a disservice. If your days are hectic enough as it is, you need someone who understands how to work with you.

That’s why same-day eye exams in Wilmington, NC can be such a valuable service to those who want to take care of their eye health when they can find a little spare time. At the Paul Vision Institute, we’re here to help however we can by being as flexible as we can.

Why You Should Have a Same-Day Eye Exam

Eye exams are there to catch problems before they turn into life-changing conditions. It’s always going to be easiest to treat a disorder in the beginning stages. The work you do now can save anything from your vision to your very life. We know that it’s not always easy to find the time for an eye exam in Wilmington, NC, but the truth is that it’s not a luxury. This is a necessary service that can help you protect one of your most valuable organs.

Finding an Optometrist in Wilmington, NC

The right optometrist in Wilmington, NC will tell you more about how your eye health is progressing and what you can do to take care of yourself. If you find yourself putting off exams because of your busy schedule, there are options out there. The staff at Paul Vision Institute may not be able to respond to every request, but we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

When Is It Bad Enough to See an Emergency Eye Doctor?

If you have an eye-related emergency, you might just go to your nearest urgent care or emergency room. However, you should know that emergency eye doctors are available in the Wilmington area, and they can offer specialized care based on your symptoms. Seeing a regular doctor or medical professional can certainly help address the problem, but you may need someone who has more direct experience with your individual symptoms.

So just how bad is bad enough? We’ll look at when it’s time to call someone immediately.

Injuries and Accidents

In some cases, there’s no question of whether you need emergency eye care. For instance, if you’ve broken your glasses and you need them to see, you don’t really have the luxury of waiting. However, experts also recommend going to the eye doctor in the following cases:

  • High-impact injury to the eye (e.g., punch, etc.)
  • Sudden loss of vision (e.g., blurriness, etc.)
  • Changes in vision (e.g. flashes of light, floaters, etc.)
  • Sudden and severe headaches related to vision
  • Eye scratches
  • Swollen eyes
  • Eye infections

Merely having dry or itchy eyes wouldn’t be enough to warrant a trip to the emergency eye doctor, though you will still want to schedule an appointment for a regular checkup if you’re experiencing any kind of discomfort.

Call an Expert

You should at least call an expert if you’re concerned about your eyes. For instance, you may not know you have a scratched cornea, but it will typically be accompanied by severe pain in the eye. An expert can tell you more about whether it makes sense to wait or take action. Seeing an optometrist for eye emergencies in Wilmington, NC can also make it easier to catch smaller problems before they turn into bigger issues.