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Does Glaucoma Ever Return?  

Glaucoma is a serious condition that can lead to blindness. The insidious nature of glaucoma is that it often has no symptoms until vision loss has occurred. This is why your Wilmington eye doctor always conducts a test for glaucoma at every visit. What is Glaucoma? Physically, glaucoma is a build-up of fluid pressure in […]

Can Glaucoma Be Reversed?

Affecting nearly 3 million people in the U.S., glaucoma is one of the most serious eye diseases and is a leading cause of blindness. Since there is no pain associated with the onset of glaucoma, many people do not realize they have it until it is in its later stages. Caused by increased pressure within […]

Clearing the Fog: Myths About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is widely recognized in optometry as the top cause of blindness, and this condition is common in the United States with more than three million sufferers. In order to better understand glaucoma as a major eye health condition, it is important that you are not misled by myths and misunderstandings. Myth: Glaucoma only affects […]

Does Glaucoma Always Lead to Blindness?

Glaucoma is a disease that affects the health of the eyes and—eventually—the vision of the eyes. It’s important to distinguish between these two, because it’s possible to have clear vision while your eye health is being compromised by the advancement of glaucoma. This means that a person may have no symptoms of glaucoma at all, […]